About Mula Lodge

Múlahús, also known as Þverá Fishing Lodge, is home to the Me Time experience

Get away from it all.

Spend a weekend in Þveráhlíð only 1 and a half hours drive away from Reykjavik pampering yourself. The Borgarfjörður countryside in winter is a perfect place to disconnect, detox, meditate and practice mindfulness, inside and outside. The surrounding nature is peaceful and quiet, on the foothills of Þverá river and beside a birch forest. The occasional farm animal, or perhaps a fox or bird, may be your only company outdoors.

A deluxe room
Mula Lodge Amenities

The Rooms

At Mulahus we have 7 deluxe rooms, all twin or double, with ensuite bathrooms. We also have 7 standard rooms which are slightly smaller but with all the same comforts, and we try to have each guest in a private room.

The Spa

The outdoor spa features a hot tub, kept between 38°and 40°C , and a dry sauna made of wood and glass, so the view over Þverá river is never obstructed.

The outdoor hottub and sauna
the dining table

The Dining

The dining takes place on a long board beside the yoga space. The kitchen corner has a fridge and permanent tea station, where we self-serve ourselves during meal time. All meals are vegan and buffet-style.

The Yoga Space

The large common area houses our fireplace, cozy couches and our yoga & meditation space. An outdoor patio is also available in good weather.

preparing for a cacao ceremony
sunset from inside the sauna

Our Chef

Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir

Þorgerður is a newly graduated chef, with years of waitressing experience at the fishing lodges. Her specialty is vegan food & healthy cooking. She is also a certified yoga teacher.


served day 2 & 3

A hot and cold breakfast of oatmeal, toppings, and fresh fruits or veggies is served in the mornings. Smoothies and pancakes are served some days. Herbal teas and fruit-infused water are available all day.


served day 2 & 3

A lunch may be vegan soup and vegan bread, chia seeds and make-your-own-salads, with dried fruits or nuts as optional ingredients, based on local product availability. Fresh naan bread and hummus made from scratch are our favourite.


served day 1 & 2

Dinners are warm meals, like stuffed veggies or Indian curries. Cauliflower and rice are often served the first night. Quinoa, couscous, spinach, pumpkin, squash or chickpeas are often used, and everything is made from scratch.

If no upcoming dates are advertised, private retreat requests are welcomed!

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