the Me Time Experience

Wondering what a weekend of Me Time looks like?
Keep in mind there is no time at Mula Lodge, so activities are subject to change to go with the flow.

Here is a sample itinerary of a typical Me Time event:

Day 1 – electricityless

Check in between 16:00-18:00

Welcome & Introductions

First Yoga class

Vegan Dinner

Lightless spa time in the hottub and sauna, or fireplace meditation

a good night for candles

Day 2 – silent day

Morning/ wake-up yoga class

Breakfast buffet (silence begins)

Mindful walk in the birch forest

Warm up yoga

Vegan Lunch

Siesta or spa time, tea time or me time

Cacao Ceremony og/eða Live Tónlist

Yin Yoga

Vegan Dinner

Spa Time

quiet time for yourself

Day 3 – flexible

Morning yoga

Breakfast buffet

Guided meditation: Self-Compassion

Yoga workshop: questions, philosophy, or difficult poses and inversions

Vegan Lunch

Outdoor walk or spa time

Me Time…

Check out by 17:00

a day to do yoga for you
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