Upcoming Me Time retreats

November 6-8, 2020: We are excited to have the following guest teachers for our sound and ceremony facilitating!

We have 2 special guests joining us for the next Me Time retreat this autumn, guiding us through musical meditation and a cacao ceremony.

Birna Kristín

Cacao ceremony facilitator

Birna Kristín is a woman of many talents. She will be joining us on the next retreat, October 2, where she will be holding our cacao-ceremony.
Birna Kristín Ásbjörnsdóttir has been working with the transformational magic of cacao since 2017 and completed a Cacao Facilitator Training in Guatemala in 2020.
She offers cacao-ceremonies to help people connect to their hearts, activate their own healing abilities, as well as finding joy and stillness in the now.

Benefits of cacao-ceremonies
  • help people connect to their hearts
  • finding joy
  • activate your own healing abilities
  • finding stillness in the now



Our music and sound facilitator will be announced soon

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