Upcoming retreats

Our Next Me Time Retreats in 2021 are:

19th – 21st & 26th – 28th November: Me Time for Couples, Siblings and Parents. Join us with your partner, sister or brother, daughter or son, mother or father, for some ´us´time and ´me´ time. 

10th – 12th December: Me Time – Embracing Winter. Join us during some of the darkest days of the year to find your inner glow.

More information on our facebook page, and on our instagram feed @metimeiceland

Please send us an email to inquire about availability or to book your spot

At each Me Time retreat, we have guest teachers sharing music and/or sound meditation. Our regular hostesses for both music and cacao ceremonies are Birna Kristín and Sandrayati Fay. Birna will be joining us for both retreats in November, and Sandrayati in December. Aga will be offering massages at selected retreats.

Birna Kristín

Birna aðstoðar einstaklinga og hópa að virkja sinn eigin heilunar- og sköpunarkraft með kakóathöfnum (ceremonial cacao), heilun, hugleiðslum, slökunartækni og tónheilun.

Birna Kristín is a woman of many talents. She has been working with the transformational magic of cacao since 2017 and completed a Cacao Facilitator Training in Guatemala in 2020. She offers music, songs and cacao-ceremonies to help people connect to their hearts, activate their own healing abilities, as well as finding joy and stillness in the now.

insta: @birnakristina facebook: /KakoHeilunMedBirnu

Live Music

Sandrayati Fay

Sandrayati is a performing artist and singer-songwriter, weaving worlds through her stories. An Island dweller, born in Java, Indonesia, raised in Bali, having lived in the Philippines and now based in Iceland, her songwriting and performance style is deeply influenced by an amalgam of these natural and cultural settings. Drawing on her Filipino and American/Irish heritage and combining it with her rootedness in the Indonesian and Philippine archipelagoes, Sandrayati brings a unique cultural mix of expression to her audiences, writing and performing in several languages. Her songs explore themes of identity, love, human and environmental rights.

insta: @sandrayatifay

Aga Kamyszek

Aga from Empathy Therapies will be joining selected Me Time retreats to offer massages. She has been learning the art of bodywork from diverse experts in clinical message, myofascial release, eastern style, deep tissue massage and hot-stone therapy. She is also a certified yoga teacher.

We love working with her because she treats the body and mind as one, focusing on the physical, emotional and mental well-being of her clients. To experience her massage is to experience the listening touch of natural empathy.

insta: @empathy_therapies

website: www.empathy.is

More retreats coming in 2022… information coming soon!

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