The Gift of Me Time

We are happy to be selling the Me Time experience as a gift certificate! Buy one now for yourself or a loved one, and give the gift of Me Time to someone who deserves it in the new year.

Gift cards can be purchased and picked up in town at Tjarnargata (just email ahead), or we can send it by post in a Me Time envelope to any address in Iceland or Europe. The whole weekend retreat costs only 45.000kr, and can be used at any Me Time event in 2022. We have events in East Iceland in January, in Borgarfjordur in April, and in the Westfjords next summer.

Please don´t hesitate to email or PM us on social media with any questions or special requests! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone and Namaste 🙂


Less is more

If you’re like me, then you have a long list of things you wish you had, things that you know would make your life better. I dream of a Tesla, an eye-lash extension, a sauna, and a Michelsen watch… but, I don’t need any of those things. We need to remind ourselves that less is more. None of my personal belongings will come to the grave with me, and the more I collect, the more complicated my life gets to keep them. Practice being grateful for what you have, instead of wishing you had more. Next time you get the urge to buy something superfluous, say outloud “I have plenty,” and see if that helps you feel content. Next time someone offers you something you dont need, reply “No thank you, I have enough.” And if neither happens, that just make it a mantra you say to yourself, just because, “thank you, I have plenty.”

nap under the shade of an ancient tree

Sometimes you only have to remember to enjoy the simple things. A beautiful life consists of things you cannot buy: friendship, happiness, love and safety, to name a few. Two of us from Me Time are now in Colombia, for a 300 hour yoga teacher training, learning that the simplest pleasures can bring immense happiness. For 23 days, we slept on hard beds and had only cold showers, eating simple and portioned meals three times a day, so getting out for an icecream or to lay in the sand was the highlight of our week. Watching the bird life around the ashram, or seeing the lightning in a thunder storm, also reminds us to be grateful, for other life and mother nature, for rain, and for the sun that always returns after the storm.

stop to smell the flowers

Its a tricky thing to believe, but less really is more, especially if you can invest more energy in feeling rich inside, in your own skin. When we have little or nothing, we want more – it happens on the inside and the outside. Then, when we have enough, we stop wanting, and thats where we’ve all got to be. Find your internal abundance – its probably right under your nose!

Wellness in Wilderness

If you google the term ‘wellderness,’ you’ll find a couple of podcasts, and Mary Walsh’s website It’s a website dedicated to the practice of feeling good in nature. I had never thought of this word until recently, and though it’s not a real word, what a perfect word to describe a concept we all know and understand?

autumn or spring, watching moody skies from a hottub is the perfect outdoor mindfulness practice

It is hard to ignore the good feeling that being out in nature gives us. It would be even more difficult to convince someone that going into the wilderness will make them feel bad. There are some intimidating qualities of the wilderness, especially in Iceland, like wide open spaces, hostile weather and the possibility of getting stuck or lost. But even the negative connotations of these experiences are sometimes seen as an exciting part of the adventure.

Riding Sprengisandur in August

There are different types of nature therapies and various ways to improve wellness in the outdoors. Mary talks about walking and cold water swimming as her two main approaches, and I wholeheartedly agree. Walking, running and any kind of swimming are my favourite and most frequent forms of exercise. To get further into the outdoors, long-distance hikes and horseback riding are great for multi-day adventures, and my favourite way to experience the Icelandic highlands and other remote areas like Hornstrandir.

Leaving Latravik to hike to Reykjafjordur, Hornstrandir

There’s no doubt that we value the wilderness for much more than it is. Lava, glaciers, rivers, moss and birch – they all have their own energy and influence on us. The weather also changes everything – the power, and sometimes danger, of a winter storm is incredibly humbling. I am allergic to everything green in an Icelandic summer, but simply seeing the endless green hay fields and crooked birch forests gives me energy. Swimming in natural geothermal springs and glacier-melt rivers are equally invigorating, and I couldn’t imagine a better place to have gotten stuck in during the covid-19 pandemic. The therapeutic landscapes of Iceland have certainly kept my mental and physical health afloat these last 16 months… so thank you, Iceland, my natural therapist.

Me Time Blog

Welcome to our Me Time Blog. Here we will create a space for sharing good energy and positive thinking. We will write about yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices, share stories from our retreats, and learn from each other through our own experiences with ´me time.´ Blog topics will include inspiring quotes, food for thought, tips on having a good day, relationship advice, and how to love yourself. Subscribe to our blog for words of advice or healing thoughts, everything published here is intended to spread love and kindness 🙂 Some days we will share exercises you can do at home, alone or with friends and family, or homework for you to do in your notebook. If you´ve ever come to a Me Time retreat, you can finally start filling in the notebook we gave you with these mindful writing practices!

thankful for soundbowls, incense and a bit of nature

For our very first blog, we wanted to share with you a list of things that we are grateful for:

We, at Me Time, are thankful for ´me time´ – the time we take for ourselves and share together at each retreat. We are thankful for every guest (and host) that shared a Me Time experience with us, and cannot wait to host more retreats next autumn/winter. We are also thankful for the summer season, a time when our retreats are on holiday, and the Múla Lodge is used for its original purpose – a luxury fishing lodge, which we are also so grateful for! Múlahús is like our second home, our winter cabin, and we can´t wait for more cozy, candle-lit nights by the fireplace. Thank you to all our friends and family who helped us make Me Time a reality, for faith in our creativity and ideas, and the space and time we needed to fulfil our entrepreneurial dreams.

Perhaps you would also like to share with us what you are thankful for these days in youre notebook or in a comment below 🙂 Thanks again, and namaste!