Me Time: Tour Guide & Yoga Teacher

Katrin Sif, founder and yoga teacher at Me Time Iceland, has been a tour guide in Iceland for more than 12 years. She has worked for various companies, domestic and international, specialising in outdoor adventures and recreational tourism, specifically horse-back riding, hiking and biking. She has personally travelled to over 200 countries, so she can definitely relate to where you´re coming from and share some great travel stories with you!

Need some guidance on how to make the most of your Me Time while visiting Iceland?

Private driver guide

If you are renting a car and planning to self-drive in Iceland, Katrin can join you as a driver guide for part of your trip. If you´d like to hire a driver-guide, Katrin can accommodate up to 4 guests in a 4×4 jeep, ensuring access to all the hidden treasures. Katrin can show you the secret spots close to Reykjavik, or take you around all of Iceland to the most popular destinations in the country. She knows the right time and place for every appetite – just let her know what kind of adventure you´d like. She always knows the perfect hike to take, no matter what city or corner of Iceland you´re in!

Day rate: Starting at 50.000kr

Tour Planning

For those who don´t want a guide with them on the road, you can simply email Katrin with questions about your upcoming trip to Iceland. She can help tailor-make your itinerary and book activities, hotels and restaurants on your behalf. She can give you up-to-date advice, based on variables like weather and current covid restrictions, on how best to use your time and spend your money while in Iceland. She knows the best places for hiking and horseback-riding in and around Reykjavik, and can direct you to the right operators around the country.

Private Yoga Classes

If you just need someone to practice yoga with, Katrin can bring the studio to your hotel or summerhouse. 60-90min tailor-made classes are offered for all levels of yogis. For those staying in Reykjavik, its also possible to have private classes (max 2 guests) in her home downtown beside the pond.

Private yoga classes start at 15.000kr

She is, simply, the best.

Sara Bellan

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